How to install OS X Mountain Lion from an external drive

OS X Mountain Lion just popped up in the App Store so I could not resist to download it at work where it takes 30 minutes compared to several hours back home. As with Lion the setup is handled through an installer which one get’s (after appropriate payment obviously) through the App Store. The process to backup the installer or create a external hard drive to install Mountain Lion onto several machines is straight forward and saves valuable time and bandwidth for multiple “Apple Thingy” owners :)


How to backup the installer:

1. Download from the App Store. Current price is under £13.99 which I think is more than fair

2. Once the download finishes don’t go through with the update (<- this would run the upgrade routine and then delete the installer) but cancel the update. The installer will stay on your machine and we can now “process it further” ;)

3. Open Finder and go to your Applications folder

4. Right click on Install OS X Mountain Lion and click on Show package contents

5. Navigate through the folders: Contents, SharedSupport, and find InstallESD.dmg :)

6. Just like with Lion InstallESD.dmg is what you are after and with Disk Utility you can use this image to create a bootable external hard drive or simply transfer it to another machine to install Mountain Lion. There are various tools around which do the above in one click for Lion so if you don’t feel confident to do the above yourself just give it a few hours and the ones for Mountain Lion should start to appear.
No need to try and burn a DVD from the image, I can confirm that it is too large…

I shall now get on and upgrade some of my machines :)

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