DIP adapters to convert less DIY friendly packages (SOP, SOIC, TSSOP, MSOP, SSOP, SOT, LCC, LGA)


Since a couple of manufacturers have kindly agreed to provide me with free samples of their ICs I’ve obviously had to look for adapters to convert the rather DIY unfriendly packages to a more Arduino friendly footprint so I can use them for my prototypes. I’ll continue to share further results as I go along testing the ICs once I’ve got them soldered to the adapters. I got all of these from eBay, all from sellers in the far east. They all convert to DIP and prices range from about 40p to £2 each depending on size and complexity. Several of them cover more than one package at once, either by adding more solder pads on the same side or as a “flip solution” with pads for one target package per PCB side. Overall quality seems very good so I’d expect good results if I can manage to keep my hand steady enough during soldering the smaller packages ;) Cutting the pictures for this post to size is also a good reason to finally take the plunge and deal with the new Gimp 2.8…

This is what I’ve got so far:





SOT23 SOT25 LCC-10 To DIP8


SOIC14 LGA14 To DIP-14

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  1. Those boards look good but they would still suck to hand solder. Schmartboards have little grooves the legs and chip body fit on. For QFN the board has a solder hole under the chip for the ground plane.


    • Schmartboards are indeed nice, I shall add them to my list of options for PIC breakout boards :)



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